Little Willow Leo’s Adeliger Hunde
November 6, 2007 – December 23, 2013
Richard and Gerry Bennett

addie2Addie was a good girl, and she was Rick’s favorite. She gave the best Leo kisses of any of our four Leos. Our German exchange student, Mattias, helped us name her. We explained to him that we needed an “A” name since she was from our kennel’s first litter, and we wanted a German name for our German dog. We knew right away that she would be named Adeliger Hunde, i.e. “Noble Dog”. She truly lived up to her name and was protective and elegant, yet powerful. “Addalinger Hunder” or “Addalinny”, as she was affectionately called, was most devoted to Rick, and was always mindful of his presence. As a puppy we called her “Velcro” because she was stuck to Rick’s side constantly. Addie produced 3 beautiful and ‘special-to-our-hearts’ pups sired by Moulthrop’s Eddie on July 2, 2010 – Alta, Lakota, and Sire. Addie was a knockout beauty described by the judges at the 2010 National Specialty as having a strong head yet still feminine, an excellent topline, and powerful movements with correct carrying of tail. She was equally her mama Tana and her papa Cowboy. It was at that show, having never met her papa Cowboy, that she intuitively picked him out from all the dogs relaxing poolside on the lanai, went to him and laid down by his side putting her head over her paws exactly as papa did. It was a magical moment. Addie opened our eyes in unexpected ways to the wonders of owning a Leo. Addie could have been a King’s guard dog. She loved going up to the fenced-in tennis court on a hill near our home to look out and bark at every passing dog, human, biker, or runner. She knew how to have fun.

Our hearts are broken to lose our girl in the prime of her life to this nasty cancer that plagues our breed. We are committed to doing our part to support the Leonberger Health Foundation in its research to find a cure for this and other cancers. We know that Addie made it over the bridge to be greeted by her papa Cowboy and sister Annie. She is for sure running, barking, and feeling strong and happy. Auf Wiedersehen, Addie.

Addie’s Sire: Conquest’s by George

Addie’s Dam: Peninsula Leos Chanton Titania

Whelped November 6, 2007

Weight: 122 lbs

CERF: LB-773/2009-21

AKC#: WS 25260709

Permanent ID: 006AB254F

OFA Thyroid Normal OFA# LB-TH428/25F-VPI

OFA# LB-1148E25F-VPI, Hip Joint, Excellent

OFA# LB-EL1100F25-VPI, Elbow, Normal

CHIC DNA Repository LB-DNA-109/B


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