Little Willow Leos F – Whelped February 6, 2013

Little Willow Leos F – Whelped February 6, 2013

Why a Little Willow Leos Puppy?

  • This is the method of early neurological stimulation that we use to raise confident dogs.
  • Little Willow Leos puppies are whelped in our home.
  • Little Willow Leos newborn puppies receive 24/7 around the clock care.
  • Little Willow Leos receive weekly vetrinarian checks through the first 4 weeks of life to monitor growth and health.
  • Little Willow Leos newborns receive early neurological stimulation to promote increased tolerance to stress, stronger adrenal gland function, and greater resistance to disease, compared to non-stimulated puppies. We reference “The Art of Raising Puppies by the Monks of New Skete NY.”
  • Once weaned, the puppies are fed the highest nutritionally balanced diet to promote proper growth and development through the early weeks of life.
  • Puppies are exposed to a variety of stimulating games, toys, and experiences to promote growth and development, both inside and outside (weather permitting … however, they do seem to love romping in the snow).
  • Little Willow Leos puppies are loved, snuggled, cared for, and played with as if “one of our own.”
  • AKC registration provided.
  • 1st year LCA registration provided.
  • Permanent ID provided (microchip).
  • Temperament testing at seven weeks provided.

F litter Baby Bergers

All of these puppies have been sold.



Panda’s Sire: Kingleo’s Eduardo

Panda’s Dam: A Sign of Instict Of New Wind

Whelped May 11, 2010

AKC FSS Certified Pedigree: WS35774302 (AKC)


Elbow: OFA Number LB-EL1310M24-VPI, Normal, Date of Report 06/04/2012

Hip: OFA Number LB-1340G24M-VPI, Good, Date of Report 06/04/2012

Thyroid: OFA Number LB-TH627/24M-VPI, Normal, Date of Report 05/23/2012

Panda CHIC# 83017
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